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Table 2
Strains used in this study
DBY7286MATa GAL2 ura3This study
DBY8724MATa GAL2 ura3 bar1::URA3This study
W303aMATa ade2-1 trp1-1 leu2-3,112 his3-11, 15 ura3 can1-100 [psi+]Thomas et al., 1989 blue right-pointing triangle
#31MATa leu2 ura3 cln1::HIS3 cln2::TRP1 cdc34-2ts ura3-GAL-CLN3Schneider et al., 1996 blue right-pointing triangle
#245W303a clb1::URA3 clb2::LEU2 clb3::TRP1 clb4::HIS3 GAL-CLB2Fitch et al., 1992 blue right-pointing triangle
cdc15-2W303α cdc15-2tsFitch et al., 1992 blue right-pointing triangle
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