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J Virol. 1984 November; 52(2): 703–705.
PMCID: PMC254579

3'-Terminal region of avian carcinoma virus MH2 shares sequence elements with avian sarcoma viruses Y73 and SR-A.


We determined the nucleotide sequence of the acute transforming avian retrovirus MH2 from an HgiAI site within the coding region of its oncogene, v-myc, to the KpnI site within the long terminal repeat. Comparison with published sequences from other retroviruses allowed us to identify all sequence elements in this region. We conclude that MH2 contains a unique assembly of 3'-terminal sequences, which includes part of the helper virus-derived SPC region of avian sarcoma virus Y73 and the complete F3 and F1 segments of Rous sarcoma virus strain SR-A.

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