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Behav Brain Funct. 2008; 4: 36.
Published online 2008 August 12. doi:  10.1186/1744-9081-4-36
PMCID: PMC2531118

Knockout mice reveal a role for protein tyrosine phosphatase H1 in cognition



The present study has investigated the protein tyrosine phosphatase H1 (PTPH1) expression pattern in mouse brain and its impact on CNS functions.


We have previously described a PTPH1-KO mouse, generated by replacing the PTP catalytic and the PDZ domain with a LacZ neomycin cassette. PTPH1 expression pattern was evaluated by LacZ staining in the brain and PTPH1-KO and WT mice (n = 10 per gender per genotype) were also behaviorally tested for CNS functions.


In CNS, PTPH1 is expressed during development and in adulthood and mainly localized in hippocampus, thalamus, cortex and cerebellum neurons. The behavioral tests performed on the PTPH1-KO mice showed an impact on working memory in male mice and an impaired learning performance at rotarod in females.


These results demonstrate for the first time a neuronal expression of PTPH1 and its functionality at the level of cognition.

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