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Behav Brain Funct. 2008; 4: 22.
Published online May 24, 2008. doi:  10.1186/1744-9081-4-22
PMCID: PMC2409355
Nitric oxide and L-type calcium channel influences the changes in arterial blood pressure and heart rate induced by central angiotesin II
Wilson A Saad,corresponding author1,2,3,5 Ismael FMS Guarda,4 Luiz AA Camargo,3,5 and Talmir AFB Santos1
1Basic Institute of Biosciences-University of Taubaté, Taubaté, Brazil
2Department of Exact and Natural Science Araraquara University Center, Araraquara, Brazil
3Department of Physiology and Pathology School of Dentistry, Paulista State University, Araraquara, Brasil
4Department of Anesthesiology Clinic Hospital State of São Paulo ,São Paulo, Brazil
5Department of Physiology, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
corresponding authorCorresponding author.
Wilson A Saad: saad/at/; Ismael FMS Guarda: ismael/at/; Luiz AA Camargo: camargo/at/; Talmir AFB Santos: santos/at/
Received January 22, 2008; Accepted May 24, 2008.
We study the voltage dependent calcium channels and nitric oxide involvement in angiotensin II-induced pressor effect. The antipressor action of L-Type calcium channel antagonist, nifedipine, has been studied when it was injected into the third ventricle prior to angiotensin II. The influence of nitric oxide on nifedipine antipressor action has also been studied by utilizing NW-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (LNAME) (40 μg/0.2 μl) a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor and L-arginine (20 μg/0.2 μl), a nitric oxide donor agent. Adult male Holtzman rats weighting 200–250 g, with cannulae implanted into the third ventricle were injected with angiotensin II. Angiotensin II produced an elevation in mean arterial pressure and a decreased in heart rate. Such effects were potentiated by the prior injection of LNAME. L-arginine and nifedipine blocked the effects of angiotensin II. These data showed the involvement of L-Type calcium channel and a free radical gas nitric oxide in the central control of angiotensin II-induced pressor effect. This suggested that L-Type calcium channel of the circunventricular structures of central nervous system participated in both short and long term neuronal actions of ANG II with the influence of nitrergic system.
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