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J Virol. 1992 February; 66(2): 1219–1222.
PMCID: PMC240831

Feline leukemia virus subgroup B uses the same cell surface receptor as gibbon ape leukemia virus.


Pseudotypes of gibbon ape leukemia virus/simian sarcoma-associated virus (GALV/SSAV) and feline leukemia virus subgroup B (FeLV-B) have been constructed by rescuing a Moloney murine leukemia virus vector genome with wild-type GALV/SSAV or FeLV-B. The resulting recombinant viruses utilized core and envelope proteins from the wild-type virus and conferred resistance to growth in L-histidinol upon infected cells by virtue of the HisD gene encoded by the vector genome. They displayed the host range specificity of the rescuing viruses and could be neutralized by virus-specific antisera. Receptor cross-interference was observed when the GALV/SSAV or FeLV-B pseudotypes were used to superinfect cells productively infected with either GALV/SSAV or FeLV-B. Although murine cells are resistant to FeLV-B infection, murine cells expressing the human gene for the GALV/SSAV receptor became susceptible to FeLV-B infection. Therefore GALV/SSAV and FeLV-B utilize the same cell surface receptor.

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