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J Biomol Tech. 2008 February; 19(1): 101.
PMCID: PMC2359593


Jay Fox, President

Dear Fellow ABRF Members,

This is my last “Message from the President” for my term on the ABRF Executive Board and as President of the ABRF ends with the ABRF 2008 meeting. Thus, I would like to briefly reflect on my four years on the board and the ABRF. As I have often stated, the ABRF is now entering a new stage of it life as a “mature” association representing a highly talented, dedicated group of scientists who work exceedingly hard to bring the best technology with the highest quality to their home institutions. It seems the technologies are changing more rapidly than in the past and this requires that the scientists who manage these technologies, as well as the ABRF, be able to adapt to and manage those changes. Over the past four years we have strived to broaden our outreach to other technological areas which previously may not have been typically associated with the ABRF. However, given that the one central focus we all share is the effective operation of shared resource core laboratories, I believe this is worthwhile and I hope these efforts will continue.

Over the past four years it has been my honor to serve on the Executive Board and over the past three years as President of this outstanding association. The most gratifying part of my term was the opportunity to work with such incredibly dedicated and talented members on the Research Groups, Committees, and the Executive Board itself. Also, I wish to recognize the many corporate sponsors who also work closely with the ABRF and the Executive Board who share a dedication to the ABRF. In the end, it is the people who matter in all organizations and the members of the ABRF are wonderfully unique.

Finally, I thank all my former EB cohort: Preston Hensley, Ted Thannhauser, Susan Hardin, Kristine Swiderek, Margaret Robertson, Bill Lane, Nancy Denslow, Mike Doyle, Scottie Adams, Jeff Kowalak, Chris Turck, and Michelle Detwiler. Extra bonus points to Margaret and Scottie who have served as Treasurer (and Presidential Handler) during my term. Also, thanks to Nancy Copen, Jean Lash, and Josie Leftwich from FASEB for their efforts on behalf of the ABRF. Carol Ann Short, from our business office, and Nancy Berliner, the production manager for the JBT, deserve acknowledgement for all the help they have provided me and the ABRF. Last, but not least, thanks goes to Kathryn Lilley, my fellow EB classmate, who has certainly worked as energetically as anyone to make the ABRF an outstanding association and who has kept us bemused over the years with her many mishaps acquired in the line of ABRF duty. I will miss working with this group, but I leave with confidence that the association, with its strong membership and leaders, is in good hands and the future is indeed a bright one for the ABRF.

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