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J Biomol Tech. 2007 February; 18(1): 59–60.
PMCID: PMC2292028

P171-T Examination of Non-Specifically Bound Proteins and Peptides Following Depletion of Twenty High-Abundance Proteins from Human Plasma


Depletion of high abundance proteins from human plasma and serum has become a valuable tool in the search for protein biomarkers. However, some speculate the existence of potential biomarkers associated with the depleted proteins. For example, human plasma albumin is a well-known carrier of proteins and peptides. Previous studies have identified a limited set of non-specifically bound proteins associated with proteins removed from serum and plasma, but the dynamic range of the depleted fraction may affect its accuracy and content. Therefore, an exhaustive analysis of the depleted proteins is important to address this challenge. Different elution methods and gradients will be evaluated to selectively elute non-specifically bound proteins and peptides from the depletion resin without co-eluting the twenty, targeted proteins. The identifications from this analysis should produce a more complete set of non-specifically bound proteins and peptides.

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