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J Biomol Tech. 2007 February; 18(1): 7.
PMCID: PMC2291986

P18-T MassSieve: A New Tool for Mass Spectrometry–Based Proteomics


The success of peptide sequence assignment algorithms such as OMSSA and Mascot for mass spectrometry has led to the need for a tool to evaluate the results. DBParser is such a software tool, previously developed by the Laboratory of Neurotoxicology (LNT) lab for this purpose. Its value for parsimonious analysis of proteins associated with experiments has led to its use for analyzing larger datasets than initially anticipated (hundreds of data files with millions of spectra). MassSieve builds on this experience and is designed as open-source protein assignment software that can be scaled to apply parsimony principles to very large experiments without dataset size limitations. In addition it allows a more interactive view of the results.

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