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J Biomol Tech. 2007 February; 18(1): 43.
PMCID: PMC2291953

P124-S Wadsworth Centers’ Advanced Light Microscopy & Image Analysis Core Facility


The Wadsworth Center is the most comprehensive state health laboratory in the country, and is dedicated to science in the pursuit of health. It fulfills its mission of protecting and promoting the health of New Yorkers through analysis, research and education combined with comprehensive clinical and environmental laboratory evaluation and accreditation programs. Our scientists study public health issues, from drug resistance to emerging infections and environmental toxicants as well as basic biological processes.

The Core is a resource for investigators within the Wadsworth Center as well as those from outside institutions who require advanced light microscopic (LM) and/or image analysis as part of their research programs. Our goal is to operate a user friendly full-service Core for our user community, including a comprehensive educational program. This includes the latest in imaging equipment and methods, and in image analysis software and methods. In the event that current instrumentation cannot answer the question posed by the user, we seek to develop innovative solutions. One example of this is optical projection tomography, this modality bridges the resolution gap between NMR/CAT scans and traditional LM.

No matter the specimen or the question(s) being asked we provide the technologies and assistance to get the answers. A few recent examples are: Imaging water borne contaminants to identify the organism responsible for sickening the patrons of a water park. Imaging motile bacteria at “near” video rates and then tracking them to investigate the cellular effects of an antibiotic. Visualizing in 3D, multiple biomolocules/fluorophores to investigate neuronal function in brain slices. Automatically counting cells outgrowing from explants in order to map quantitative trait loci between inbred strains of mice in response to vascular endothelial growth factor. Measuring the fluidity of lipid bi-layer using FRAP to determine how lipid mobility controls the diffusion of small biopolymer adsorbates.

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