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J Biomol Tech. 2007 February; 18(1): 42.
PMCID: PMC2291807

P120-T NanoBioPrepSEQ: An Integrated, Automated, Microfluidic-Based Platform for Preparation of DNA Sequencing Samples for Capillary Array Electrophoresis


Micro- and nanofluidic technology promises to enable integrated sample-to-answer systems for many applications, improving overall performance while reducing reagent consumption and device size. However, the potential of such integrated devices has seldom been realized and the impact of miniaturization technologies remains largely a future vision. Here, we describe a new microfluidic platform, the NanoBioPrepSEQ station, which automates sample preparation for DNA sequencing by integrating nanoliter-scale cycle sequencing and magnetic bead-based cleanup on-chip.

The NanoBioPrepSEQ uses commercial robotics to load and unload NanoBioProcessor microchips. The user places reagents and standard multiwell plates containing DNA template onto the robot and receives back Ready-to-Inject microtiter plates with samples ready for capillary array electrophoresis analysis, saving reagent and personnel costs. The NanoBioProcessor chip uses patent-pending, on-chip, pneumatically controlled MOV valves to mix samples and reagents, and to move beads, reagents, and wash solutions. The system is controlled by MBI’s NanoBioSoft software. Results of integrated nanoscale cycle sequencing and cleanup with readlengths over 800 bases will be presented.

The NanoBioPrepSEQ is a central part of a major collaborative effort to develop a Microbead-based Integrated DNA Sequencer (MINDS) as a next-generation, fully integrated platform for achieving a $100,000 mammalian genome. The MINDS project and related applications of the NanoBioPrep in the development of genomic, biodefense, forensic, and other systems will be discussed and how on-chip valves, pumps, and routers can enable many next-generation, modular, microfluidic devices for analysis of liquids. Overall strategies, designs, and results will be presented to illustrate how the power of microfluidics can be leveraged to develop modular sample preparation platforms for portable and laboratory analysis.

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