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J Biomol Tech. 2006 December; 17(5): 349.
PMCID: PMC2291799


Jay W. Fox, President

The current economic climate facing science funding, particularly biomedical science, has placed increasing pressures on researchers due to the difficulties of successfully competing for research support. Given the close relationship of biomolecular resource facilities with investigators, it is likely many of our membership’s facilities are also facing funding difficulties. This, coupled with what appears to be at the moment a flat membership base in the ABRF, requires some comment. Recently the Executive Board of the ABRF met to discuss the business and scientific operations of the association as well as to address the future of the association. The session was termed “Through the Looking Glass—Wisely,” a take on Alice in Wonderland. The point being, we must look beyond where we are now, but we must do so with caution and respect for our history and, if you will, our ABRF “culture.” The Board reviewed the association, its history, and its strengths and weaknesses. What we focused on were the aspects of the association that have real meaning and value for our members. The “deliverables,” so to speak, which we felt the association should provide via several avenues, include cutting-edge science, cutting-edge technology and education, and support for core management. When we leave our annual meeting, we all should readily be able to list one or more highlights from the meeting under each of those three categories. Furthermore, we felt the association must provide mechanisms for member networking, interaction with vendors, short courses and satellite meetings, and manifold ways for members to contribute to the collective benefit of the association. When considering these, one can see that many if not all these opportunities are available at our annual meeting. I believe we are at a crossroad for the future of our association. We need to recruit new members and we need to constantly be looking for new technologies to be brought under the ABRF’s umbrella as the older ones fade. This is our challenge, a challenge not just for the Executive Board, but a challenge to all members. Please help by recruiting new members, attend your annual meeting, and get involved with the association. By doing so, you will help us all advance forward as an association, and I would hope also in your personal career goals. Review the excellent program that will be presented at our meeting in Tampa in the Spring, register, and recruit a new member and ask them to attend as well. At the meeting, network with colleagues, meet the Research and Committee Chairs and Executive Board members, and ask how you can get involved with the association. There is certainly a role each of us can play. See you in Tampa!

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