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J Biomol Tech. 2006 July; 17(3): 240.
PMCID: PMC2291787

DSRG Report

The members of the DSRG would like to express their appreciation to outgoing member Rashmi Pershad, who has served as both member and chairperson, for her time, hard work, and dedication. We would also like to thank Susan Hardin, for all her guidance and assistance in her role as our past EB liaison. We are looking forward to a productive year working with our newest members: Doug Bintzler, from the University of Cincinnati, and Michael Zianni, from Ohio State University. Finally, a welcome back to Pamela Scott Adams, from The Trudeau Institute, returning to the DSRG as EB liaison.

The DSRG hosted the Satellite Meeting at the ABRF 2006 conference in Long Beach, California, and the event received very positive feedback. Eleven invited speakers contributed their expertise on a number of topics relevant to DNA sequencing facilities, ranging from optimizing a small or large core facility, to comparing laboratory management software tools. The session finished with a look at other applications and services that core laboratories are offering. The presentations are available from our home page at

Earlier this year, the DSRG launched the Web-based DNA Sequencing Troubleshooting Resource. This publicly available database has been developed in conjunction with the World Design Group, to provide current information on resolving a variety of sequencing-related difficulties. To help populate the resource, and to keep it as up to date as possible, we would like to remind all members of the DNA sequencing community to share their problems and successes on a regular basis. Please bookmark the site at:

The DSRG also conducted a general survey, to determine the current make-up and practices of the average DNA sequencing facility. The preliminary results were presented at ABRF 2006, and copies of the poster and presentation are available from our home page. Full results will be published later this year in JBT.

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