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J Biomol Tech. 2006 July; 17(3): 240.
PMCID: PMC2291786

NARG Report

NARG members chaired several sessions at the ABRF 2006 meeting in February. NARG chair Deb Grove presented data on the 2006 research project, “Priming Strategies for Real-Time RT-PCR,” in the RG session. In the same session. NARG member Tim Hunter presented “Development and Optimization of a Multiplexed Quantitative Real-Time PCR Assay: A Mini-Roundtable Discussion.” A tutorial session on quantitative real-time PCR was chaired by Tony Yeung, and speakers were Emmanuelle Nicolas and Christian Leutenegger. Greg Shipley chaired a scientific session, “Real-Time Quantitative PCR: A Valuable Tool in Biological Research,” with speakers Stephen Bustin of the NARG and Michael Blackburn. All sessions were very well attended.

While at the ABRF 2006 meeting, the NARG, FARG, and DSRG met twice to discuss a joint project that had been proposed in 2005. The proposed two-year project is to identify SNP identification technologies and test each one’s performance. Since then, representatives from each group have participated in a teleconference to work on the proposal. The technologies being considered are DNA sequencing, RT-PCR techniques, WAVE, CEL1, Snapshot, and Pyrosequencing. During the first year, laboratories from the three RGs will test samples and determine the parameters for the study. The number of samples and SNPs has not yet been decided.

The NARG said goodbye to Yongde Bao and Tony Yeung after many years of service. Two new members were welcomed: Deborah Hollingshead of the University of Pittsburgh and Kevin Knudtson of the University of Iowa. Scottie Adams bowed out as a member of many years as well, but was pulled back in to serve as EB liaison (Hooray!).

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