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J Biomol Tech. 2004 December; 15(4): 227.
PMCID: PMC2291696


Gregg B. Fields, Editor-in-Chief

The Journal of Biomolecular Techniques wishes to announce a change at the Associate Editor level. Dr. David Speicher, who has served as one of the Journal of Biomolecular Techniques Associate Editors for 5 years, is moving on to other challenges. We are most grateful for Dave’s commitment to the journal and the high standards he brought to it, and we wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors. Dr. Jay Fox has accepted the invitation to join the journal as Associate Editor. We look forward to working with Jay for some time to come. Also noted, with great sadness, is the passing of Dr. Ken Mitchelhill, who served first as an Associate Editor for ABRF News (1995–1998) and then as an Executive Editor for Journal of Biomolecular Techniques (1998–1999). Ken’s efforts were crucial in the development of Journal of Biomolecular Techniques; he will be greatly missed by friends and colleagues alike.

As indicated in my Editorial from earlier this year [Journal of Biomolecular Techniques 15(1) [PMC free article] [PubMed]], I am most impressed with the quality of science submitted to and published in Journal of Biomolecular Techniques. Of particular note is the description of state-of-the-art techniques in Journal of Biomolecular Techniques and other highly respected scientific journals. For example, the last issue of the Journal of Biomolecular Techniques described the use of mass spectrometry to profile asthma molecular markers in plasma [“Evaluation of a novel, integrated approach using functionalized magnetic beads, bench-top MALDI-TOF-MS with prestructured sample supports and pattern recognition software for profiling potential biomarkers in human plasma,” Journal of Biomolecular Techniques 15 167–175 [PMC free article] [PubMed]]. This approach has also been utilized recently to profile serum from brain tumor patients [Serum peptide profiling by magnetic particle-assisted, automated sample processing and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry,” Analytical Chemistry 76 1560–1570 (2004) [PubMed]]. Such technology has potentially wide applicability. With the far greater recent accessibility via the online version of the journal and indexing in Medline and Index Medicus, I anticipate the continued presentation of prestigious work in Journal of Biomolecular Techniques.

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