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J Biomol Tech. 2004 March; 15(1): 3.
PMCID: PMC2291668



ABRF-PRG’04 study is complete. All the data have been tabulated and the results will be presented at the ABRF’04 meeting in Portland, Oregon February 28 through March 2, 2004. For the Proteomics Research Group (PRG), this was our third study relating to identifying a protein mixture. This time, however, we also looked at the “front end” by sending out a mixture of closely related intact proteins rather than a predigested sample as we had the past two years. The objective for the participants was not only to identify the proteins and possible modifications but also to indicate the method(s) that they used for the identifications starting with the intact proteins. For this purpose we mixed together three highly homologous proteins and instructed the participants to identity the proteins, indicate the one posttranslational modification common to all three isoforms (excluding those that may happen during sample handling such as oxidation and deamidation), and provide evidence for the identification and the modification. Since opening last year’s study to non-members as well as members resulted in a larger percentage of data submission, we did the same this year, and more than 40% of those requesting samples responded. A new twist was added this year by requesting the results via a web-based questionnaire. This method will be evaluated further as an efficient means for future data submissions. These results of the ABRF-PRG’04 study will be presented as a poster and will also be the basis of an oral presentation. The findings for the study will be posted on the web site in PDF format and the related article will appear in a later issue of JBT. We sincerely thank all of those who participated in this year’s study.

Current PRG members: Arnie Falick, Jeffrey Kowalak, Bill Lane (EB liaison), Thomas Neubert (Chair), Brett Phinney, Christoph Turck, Sue Weintraub and Karen West. Arnie, Brett and Sue are new to the PRG this year, filling the positions left by David Arnott, Mary Ann Gawinowicz and Kaye Speicher as they step down after 3 years on the committee. We wish to thank David, Mary Ann, and Kaye for their many contributions throughout the time that they were on the committee.

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