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J Biomol Tech. 2003 September; 14(3): 236–237.
PMCID: PMC2279944


The NARG completed their 2003 study in which they examined (1) whether dual-labeled Taqman probes are as easy and economical to make as regular oligonucleotides, and (2) whether crude unpurified dual-labeled probes can perform well in most qPCR experiments. Final results of this study will be published shortly, but a summary of the results is posted on the NARG page at the ABRF web site. The study demonstrated that it is possible to make high quality FRET probes without purification that perform well in qPCR assays, and quality control can be as simple as a PAGE gel.

The NARG is currently developing a general survey to profile laboratories performing real time PCR. In addition, NARG will conduct a study on primer design to allow participants an educational opportunity to test their primer design skills and demonstrate some of the important factors for this important facet of real time PCR.

Watch for the opening of these studies on the ABRF Roundtable.

ABRF 2004 in Portland, OR will offer many opportunities to share information about real time PCR. There will be a scientific session featuring Dr. Stephen A. Bustin, University of London and Dr. David Ginzinger, UCSF. In addition, a tutorial on Molecular Beacons by Fred Russell Kramer, Public Health Research Institute will be presented. The NARG will share the findings of their general survey and their primer design study and there will be a roundtable/troubleshooting session. We hope that you will join us.

The NARG is happy to welcome Yongde Bao, University of Virginia School of Medicine and Deborah Grove, Pennsylvania State University to the Nucleic Acids Research Group.

Current Membership

Pamela Scott Adams (Chair) —Trudeau Institute

Yongde Bao—University of Virginia School of Medicine

Deborah S. Grove—Pennsylvania State University

Brian Holloway—Centers for Disease Control

Steven Scaringe—Dharmacon Research, Inc.

Dr. Gregory L. Shipley—UT Health Science Center–Houston

Dr. Anthony T Yeung—Fox Chase Cancer Center

Dr. Susan H Hardin (Ad hoc, EB liaison)—University of Houston

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