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J Biomol Tech. 2003 March; 14(1): 50–51.
PMCID: PMC2279891


This issue should arrive before the start of our annual meeting to be held in Denver, February 10–13, 2003. The abstracts for posters and oral presentations are included in the issue for the benefit of those members who are unable to attend the meeting in person. Publication in JBT will also provide the authors with a means to cite their abstract reports. During 2003 we plan to put JBT online with an electronic journal publishing operation. Access to papers published in JBT will increase significantly and the abstracts reported at our meetings will be available for future reference.

Plans for the meeting have been finalized and the organizers, Bill Henzel (Genentech) and Scott Patterson (Celera), may soon be able to relax as the meeting unfolds. Registration for attendance is on track for a good meeting, and all of the commercial booth positions have been rented as our commercial partners continue to participate actively in the annual meetings.

This year the EB and the meeting organizers have planned a special session that will give opportunities to four or five selected poster authors to give short oral presentations of their work. Poster abstracts will be reviewed by the Education Committee to identify a subset of posters to be examined by the committee in person on the first day of the meeting. The committee will then select four posters for invited 10-minute oral presentations on Thursday, February 13, in the Oral Poster session starting at 11:00. We hope this session will benefit a few members who have not had the opportunity to speak at an ABRF meeting previously.

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