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J Biomol Tech. 2003 March; 14(1): 44.
PMCID: PMC2279890


2002 was a busy year for the Edman Sequencing Research Group (ESRG). The 2002 sample presented an unusual analysis challenge to the ABRF members who chose to participate in the study. Overall, we found that many participants could not identify the protein due to the complex data produced by the sample’s three major N-terminal start points (at N, N-1, and N-4). (See JBT 13:246–257, December 2002, for details.) The 2003 sample, another electroblotted protein for direct N-terminal analysis, consisted of a single sequence of a known protein with initial yields of about 2 pmol. Cycle-to-cycle yields were requested for calculation of repetitive yields, and many instrument-specific parameters were collected for comparison of sequencer performance. All of this will be presented at the ABRF meeting in Denver as poster and group presentations, and later in and on the ABRF website.

Other news from the group is the expected “graduation” of long-time members Joe Fernandez and Scott Buckle, who have both served extended terms on the ESRG. Huge thanks to them both from the remaining ESRG, and ABRF members overall, for their hard work and dedication! Also stepping aside from the Chair position is John Neveu, making way for Ben Madden to serve as Chair for the 2003–2004 season. The changing of the guard will occur after the Denver meeting, and we should be ready to announce two new members at that time as well.

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