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J Biomol Tech. 2002 March; 13(1): 5–19.
PMCID: PMC2279841

Improved procedures to mine data obtained from spotted cDNA arrays


We studied six types of errors that affect the experimental results obtained with the spotted cDNA technology, proposing a new experimental strategy and a four-step algorithm to improve data accuracy. In an experiment analyzed with this method, mRNA extracted from neuroblastoma (N2A) cells and a clone transfected with the neuronal gap junction protein Cx36 were hybridized on 10 chips, each spotted with 2512 known mouse cDNAs. We found 53 upregulated and 23 downregulated genes with expression ratios exceeding 1.5-fold. By contrast, the newly introduced standard gene expression score, which considers the normal variability of gene expression in the reference cells, revealed that Cx36 transfection (p

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