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Published online 2008 February 2. doi: 10.1186/1472-6963-8-29

Table 5

Selected clinical outcomes at pre and post guideline implementation ‡

GuidelineSelected process of care indicators and patient outcomesPre %Post %p-valueChanges† Source of Data
N = 80 Pre
N = 48 Post
Assessment of patient use of β2 agonist52.572.90.026+ chart
Individual action plan for client discharge3.823.90.001+ chart
Teaching information provided3.827.10.000+ chart
BreastfeedingBreast-feeding in hospital N = 75 Pre; N = 76 Post- Interview in hospital
 Formula only0.010.5
Infant supplementation given N = 103 Pre; N = 89 Post24.334.80.115ns chart
Delirium, Dementia and Depression
N = 196 Pre
N = 186 Post
Assessment on admission for memory problems66.376.90.024+ chart
Assessment on admission for mood (i.e. depression)29.645.00.003+ chart
Assessment during stay for memory problems62.472.70.037+ chart
Diabetes Foot Care
N = 97 Pre
N = 119 Post
Assessment for risk factors for foot ulceration/amputation16.560.70.000+ chart
Monofilament used to assess sensation in the feet+ chart
 No note24.237.0
Smoking CessationReceived advice on stopping smoking or staying quit N = 116 Pre; N = 93 Post1.717.40.000+ chart
Self-help information given N = 116 Pre; N = 93 Post1.728.00.000+ chart
Have you tried to quit smoking in the past 2 months? N = 36 Pre; N = 21 Post66.733.30.026- Telephone call at home
Venous Leg Ulcers
N = 87 Pre
N = 52 Post
Assessed for clinical history and features associated with venous disease58.696.20.000+ Chart
Doppler measurement of Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)3.745.70.000+ Chart

† According to recommendation + indicates improvement with p < 0.05, – indicates worse care with p < 0.05, ns indicates no significant difference in care

Selection illustrates nursing care and patient outcomes from chart audit data as well as the only two statistically significant negative changes (-).