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Published online 2008 February 2. doi: 10.1186/1472-6963-8-29

Table 4

Description of recommendations and proportion of indicators which improved or not from pre to post implementation

AsthmaBreastfeedingDelirium, Dementia, DepressionFoot Complications DiabetesSmoking CessationVenous Leg Ulcers
Recommendations implemented4//43/77/76/63/752/56
Content of recommendations implemented†-Assess asthma control
-Educate re Asthma
-Develop action plans
-Assess inhaler device technique
-Endorse WHO Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
Advocate friendly environments
-Promote community action
-Assess Postnatal factors
-Educate and support
-Maintain suspicion for DDD in the older adult
-Screen for cognition, function, behaviour and mood
-Use structured assessment & standardized tools
-Physical exam of feet to assess risk factors
-Educate about foot care Educate tailored to knowledge, needs and risk factors
Minimal smoking cessation intervention using ask, advice, assist, arrange protocol Recognize relapse is common and need to re-engage.-Assess risk factors
-Measure surface areas
-Ankle Brachial Pressure Index
-Assess Pain
Debride wound
-Assess Infection
-Graduated compression bandaging
Number of chart audit items12419131215
 No difference5316186
Number of patient interview items59N/A712N/A
 No difference49012
 Improvements* (Inhaler use)1
Number of items in follow-up telephone call36N/A311N/A
 No difference05310
Total # indicators N%211919233515
 Improvements*11 52.4%1 5.3%3 15.8%19 82.6%4 11.4%9 60.0%
 No difference10 47.6%17 89.5%16 84.2%4 17.4%30 85.7%6 40.0%
 Worse*01 5.3%001 2.9%0

* p < 0.05, N/A or not applicable, †Excludes recommendations about referrals which are discussed in another paper [ref referrals paper] For full description see [16]