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Published online 2008 February 2. doi: 10.1186/1472-6963-8-29

Table 1

Characteristics of organisations participating in the implementation of nursing guidelines

Best Practice Guidelines
Organisational CharacteristicsAsthmaBreastfeedingDelirium, Dementia, DepressionDiabetes Foot CareSmoking CessationVenous Leg Ulcers

Type and Number of HospitalsCommunity (1)Teaching (1)Teaching (3)Community (1)Teaching Mental Health (1)Community Chronic Care (1)
UnitsEmergency, Urgent care, MedicineLabour & Delivery, Post-partumSurgery, Medicine, RehabilitationMedicineIn-patients, clinicsLong-term care
Community NursingRegional Public Health Unit (1)Home visiting (1)Home visiting (1) Wound clinics (3)
Number of Clinical Resource Nurses (CRN's)2 part-time1 full-time1 full-time manager as CRN, 7 APNs†2 part-time1 full-time manager as CRN, 7 APN's†1 full-time
Number of nurses educated200682111796765

† APN's or Advanced Practice Nurses