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Published online 2008 March 12. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0001774

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MMP-9 in relation to total risk load.

Dichotomies of eight risk factors are taken into account in the analysis: n = 326 with full information on every variable. Blood pressure (SBP>160 and/or DBP>100 mm Hg and/or using antihypertensive agents, n = 81), LDL/HDL (ratio >3, n = 54), obesity (BMI>30, n = 67), diabetes (yes, n = 22), smoking (yes, n = 57), alcohol intake (>170 grams/week, n = 37), low physical activity (all other than top ordinal category, n = 272), low fruit and vegetables intake (all other than top ordinal category n = 307). Mean and 95% confidence intervals.

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