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Can Fam Physician. 2003 June; 49: 769–773.
PMCID: PMC2214237

Preconception care for women with type 1 diabetes.


OBJECTIVE: To emphasize preconception care of women with type 1 diabetes and the role of primary care physicians in evaluating and counseling them. QUALITY OF EVIDENCE: Substantial level II evidence indicates that tight glycemic control before conception and early in pregnancy reduces the rate of congenital malformations. Most evidence concerning maternal and fetal risks during pregnancy in patients with type 1 diabetes is level III or IV. Little is published on the role of family physicians in providing preconception counseling or care. MAIN MESSAGE: Preconception care is effective in improving glycemic control early in pregnancy and in reducing the rate of congenital malformations. Preconception evaluation of type 1 diabetic patients involves assessment of prepregnancy glycemic control and diabetic complications. Preconception counseling includes discussing the rate of transmission of diabetes, the effects of pregnancy on maternal and fetal complications, and the use of contraception until optimal glycemic control can be attained. CONCLUSION: Primary care physicians often have frequent and early contact with women of reproductive age; they are ideal candidates for providing type 1 diabetic women with preconception evaluation and counseling.

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