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BMJ. 2008 January 12; 336(7635): 104.
PMCID: PMC2190258
Ian Coulson, consultant dermatologist,1 Jason Williams, specialist registrar,1 and Sandra Windhoven, consultant dermatologist 2

A woman presented with severe dermatitis on her right buttock and back. Three months earlier she had bought an imported leather sofa. The dermatitis resolved after the sofa was removed. A patch test using leather from the sofa was positive. Until two years ago, dermatitis caused by leather sofas was uncommon, but more than 130 cases have now been reported in Finland and the United Kingdom. The sofas involved were all manufactured in one Chinese factory. The precise allergen is not yet known and it may be novel. General practitioners, accident and emergency staff, and dermatologists should be alerted to this new problem.problem.

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