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Published online 2007 June 14. doi: 10.1007/s00586-007-0403-1

Fig. 3

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The intraoperative photos. Upper left Removing the lamina en bloc temporally, the hemorrhagic tumor mass (black arrows) originated from the left L4-5 facet joint and was observed in the dorsum of the ligamentum flavum. The mass was softly elastic and dark reddish-brown in color; it adhered to the L4 and L5 roots on the left side. Upper right After removing the mass and completing the total synovectomy, the dural tube, L4 root and L5 root were completely decompressed. Lower left The mass (black arrows) adhered to the L4 lamina and was accompanied by bone erosion. Lower right We replaced the laminae to an original position after having removed the tumor. (SP spinous process, D dural tube, P pedicle, SF superior facet, IF inferior facet, and asterisk root)

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