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Thorax. 2007 June; 62(6): 557.
PMCID: PMC2117209

Lung cancer in HIV infected patients

Since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic our group has contributed to improving the knowledge concerning the impact of HIV infection in the lung. Several of these contributions have been published in Thorax as editorials,1,2,3 original articles4,5 and a review.6 In continuing this effort, we have recently published in Thorax a review entitled “Lung cancer in HIV infected patients: facts, questions and challenges”.7 The main objective of this educational review was to alert pulmonologists to a possible increase in the incidence of lung cancer in the HIV‐positive population and to underline the facts that lung cancer occurs particularly in young subjects, may be less directly related to smoking and is probably associated with a worse outcome. This review included 103 references which were almost all original articles, six of which were from our group. However, during the time between submitting it to Thorax and publication in the journal, another review on the same topic was also published by our group in Lung Cancer.8 Even though there are strong similarities between the content of these two articles, the form of them is totally different. Furthermore, the review published in Thorax contained 29 additional references which were discussed in the paper. Unfortunately, during the process of reviewing the proof we omitted to include the article in press in Lung Cancer. We wish to apologise to the Editor of Thorax and the readers of the journal for this omission.


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