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Published online 2007 August 30. doi: 10.1186/1471-2393-7-18

Table 4

Induction of Labor Compared to Expectant Management

Week of InductionIOL CDExpt mgmt CDAOR (95% CI)†Spontaneous Labor CD
38 weeks11.9%13.3%1.80 (1.29 – 2.53)7.0%*
39 weeks14.3%15.0%1.39 (1.08 – 1.80)9.1%*
40 weeks20.4%19.0%1.27 (1.00 – 1.62)10.9%*
41 weeks24.3%26.0%1.26 (0.99 – 1.61)14.9%*

CD = Cesarean Delivery, Expt Mgmt group includes all women delivered beyond the particular gestational age of the induction of labor comparison group

† Multivariate comparison of cesarean delivery rates between the induction group and the expectant management group. An AOR > 1 implies higher cesarean rates among the expectant management group.

* p-value < 0.01 when compared to IOL at same GA

Multivariate analysis controlling for parity, maternal ethnicity, age, BMI, insurance, education, preeclampsia, diabetes, epidural use, and year of delivery