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Figure 7.
In the absence of Rei1, the cytoplasmic Arx1–Alb1 complex prevents the recycling of Tif6. (A) Disruptions of ARX1 or ALB1 compensate the cold-sensitive phenotype of a rei1Δ strain. Wild-type, rei1Δ, arx1Δ, or rei1Δ, arx1Δ strains were spotted on YPD medium in 10−1 dilution series (top); the same was performed for wild-type, rei1Δ, alb1Δ, or rei1Δ, alb1Δ strains (bottom). Cold-sensitive phenotypes were tested by incubating the plates for 3 d at 23°C. Generation times at 23°C were calculated from growth curves performed in liquid synthetic medium over a period of 30 h. The confidence intervals were calculated for a probability of 95%. (B) Disruptions of ARX1 or ALB1 compensate the Tif6 shuttling defect in a rei1Δ strain. The localization of Tif6-GFP was detected by epifluorescence microscopy in a wild-type, rei1Δ, and rei1Δ, alb1Δ or rei1Δ, arx1Δ double mutant strains.
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