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J Biomol Tech. 2007 September; 18(4): 274.
PMCID: PMC2062559

Message from the President

Jay W. Fox, ABRF President

Dear Fellow ABRF Members:

In this communication, I wish to bring to your attention several aspects of the ABRF that require member input. Over the past year, the Executive Board has spent a significant amount of time and effort discussing the current state of the ABRF and its future. It is our opinion that at the moment, the ABRF is a “mature” association, having reached a plateau in terms of membership in the association as well as attendance at our annual meeting. The questions now facing us include whether we are satisfied with our current status—do we wish to increase our numbers, or will we experience a decline in membership numbers? The general consensus of the Executive Board is that, while we need not continue to grow the association simply for growth’s sake, we do wish to ensure a stable, strong membership and attendance at the annual meeting. In part this is due to our desire to have a diverse association, as well as the more mundane issues associated with the fiscal support, represented by a strong membership and the operation of the annual meeting. Recognizing that some of the key technologies/ activities long associated with the ABRF have somewhat declined, we are looking for new areas of biomolecular analysis that could be brought under the umbrella of the ABRF. Some of these include flow cytometry and cell sorting, imaging and microscopy, and metabolomics. To that end, we will continue to introduce these topics into our annual meeting to gauge whether there is an interest. Inevitably, this means that other, traditional topics may be given less time at the meetings. Here is where we need your input. If you feel strongly that certain traditional areas of interest in the association no longer are viable, or if you have ideas regarding new areas of interest to our membership as well as scientists currently outside our membership, please inform me or another board member so that we can enjoy the full input of the association in our discussions and efforts to shape and secure the future of the ABRF.

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