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J Biomol Tech. 2007 July; 18(3): 177.
PMCID: PMC2062547

Proteomic Standards Research Group (sPRG)—Q2 Report

The sPRG profusely thanks outgoing committee members Steve Stein, Larry Martin, Kathryn Lilley, and our former chairperson, Mary Ann Gawinowicz, for their dedication and effort over the past two years creating and sustaining the Proteomics Standards Research group. The committee’s efforts over the last year led to oral and poster presentations at the 2007 conference in Tampa: ABRF-sPRG 2007 Study: Development and Evaluation of a Phosphoprotein Standard Mix. The presentations described analytical results submitted for a mixture of intact proteins (phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated) forwarded to participating laboratories tasked with identifying the components and locating phosphorylation sites. Sigma graciously provided the samples employed in this study, and Jason Falkner (University of Michigan) provided invaluable support for electronic data submission. Of course, we are especially indebted and impressed by the analytical efforts extended by study participants. The ABRF 2007 poster and oral presentation slides are available for viewing at The committee’s poster will also be presented at the 2007 ASMS conference in Indianapolis, poster ThPZ 439.

Contributed datasets from multiple independent analyses in sPRG Study06 are freely available for download at ProteomeCommons.Org: (click on “Download: Raw data as submitted by participants”; approximately 10 GB).

Materials describing that 2006 study (identification of proteins in a 49-component, equimolar mixture) are available from the sPRG research group link at A manuscript describing this study is being submitted for publication. Presentations about the bioinformatic analyses of these datasets (delivered by the sPRG Bioinformatics Committee at ABRF 2007) are accessible from Finally, a standard mixture based on this study is now available (details available from your Sigma representative).

We welcome three new members to the sPRG: James Farmar (New York Blood Center), Karl Mechtler (IMP-IMBA, Vienna), and Manfred Raida (Experimental Therapeutic Center, Singapore). Continuing members are Philip Andrews (Univ. Michigan Med. School), David Arnott (Genentech), Jeffrey Kowalak (NIMH, EB Liaison), William Lane (Harvard Univ.), and Rachel Ogorzalek Loo (UCLA, Chair).

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