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Published online 2007 October 3. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-8-352

Table 1

Summary of the orthologous adjacent genes in Saccharomyces sensu stricto species relative to the 5,702 gene pairs in S. cerevisiae.

Annotated ORFsa Orthologous genesOrthologous adjacent pairsbDivergent pairseConvergent pairseTandem pairse
S. cerevisiae631057435702149114742737
S. castellii468138572053528604921
S. bayanus497046423975102910511895
S. kudriavzevii3778321223766376471092
S. mikatae310924351609437424748
Stringently conserved pairs (ratio)c94 (6.30%)95 (6.45%)156 (5.70%)
Loosely conserved pairs (ratio)d942 (63.18%)973 (66.01%)1667 (60.91%)

aFor analysis, the annotated ORFs exclude dubious and silent ORFS as well as overlapping genes.

bThe orthologous adjacent pairs of the sensu stricto species are determined based on conservation of the orthologs as well as their adjacency relationship in S. cerevisiae.

cGene pairs with adjacency relationship preserved in all five species for the orthologous pairs.

dGene pairs with adjacency relationship preserved in any three species, or in S. castelli with at least one another yeast species used in this study.

eThe proportions of conservation for different adjacent patterns are similar to those for random sampling composition (p > 0.05, chi-square test).