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Table 5

Factors explaining preferences for particular aspects of primary care at the last consultation.

OR95% CI
Someone who knows the patient and medical condition personally (n = 626)
 EQ–5D0.068(0.008 to 0.387)
  Retired versus in work2.980(1.326 to 7.272)
 Reason for consultation
  Routine versus new2.697(1.358 to 5.518)

Someone already known and trusted (n = 632)
 EQ–5D0.022(0.005 to 0.091)
  Female versus male1.935(1.115 to 3.340)
 Ethnic group
  Non-white versus white2.855(1.168 to 7.854)

Choosing a particular person (n = 637)
 Ethnic group
  Non-white versus white3.333(1.247 to 10.687)
 Reason for consultation
  Routine versus new2.474(1.359 to 4.618)
  EQ–5D0.079(0.021 to 0.266)

Someone with information on full medical history (n = 672)
 Reason for consultation
  New versus routine6.050(2.479 to 16.593)
  New versus other reasons3.819(1.156 to 16.167)
  In work versus retired3.557(1.217 to 12.718)
 Who consulted
  Other versus GP3.876(1.939 to 9.524)

Someone who would take time to listen (n = 646)
 EQ–5D0.021(0.013 to 0.217)

Choosing type of professional (n = 662)
 Reason for consultation
  Other versus new2.941(1.209 to 7.143)
  Other versus routine2.857(1.159 to 6.849)

Someone of own sex (n = 610)
  Female versus male2.542(1.197 to 5.635)
 Ethnic group
  Non-white versus white2.672(1.030 to 6.360)

Consulting someone of own ethnic group or culture (n = 610)
  In work versus retired3.568(1.289 to 10.094)

OR = odds ratio. EQ5D = CI = credible interval.