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BMJ. 2007 August 18; 335(7615): 354.
PMCID: PMC1949461


M Hashir Ariff, specialist registrar

A 12 year old girl of Pakistani origin, who was born and brought up in the United Kingdom, presented with a one month history of an indurated area, which measured 2.5 × 2.5 cm, over the bridge of her nose. She had visited Pakistan in the previous six months. She was treated with two courses of flucloxacillin by her general practitioner, with no clinical improvement. A skin biopsy taken at the time of presentation at hospital showed intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies, which led to a diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis. She was treated with intravenous stibogluconate. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is occasionally seen in the UK and should be considered in patients who present with unusual skin lesions, particularly if they have a history of foreign

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