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Published online 2007 July 4. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0000583

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Lytic antigens are transferred between cells by virions and released proteins.

CD4+ T cells specific for BLLF1, BMRF1, BcLF1 or BNRF1 were tested for recognition of mini-LCL pulsed with purified viral particles. Whereas BcLF1, BLLF1, and BNRF1-specific T cells responded against mini-LCL pulsed with less than 1 genome equivalent (geq) of the virus/cell, BMRF1-specific T cells failed to recognize mini-LCL pulsed with much higher doses of virus. (B) To detect transfer of antigen between cells, BMRF1-specific T cells were tested for recognition of mini-LCL, MHC-mismatched LCL, and the mix of these two lines. While neither line alone was recognized by the T cells, 24 hours of co-culture sensitized the cell mix for recognition.

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