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BMJ. 2007 June 9; 334(7605): 1228.
PMCID: PMC1889996

Charles Edward Daniel Hearn

Following national service in the Royal Air Force and various hospital appointments, Charles Edward Daniel Hearn (“Dan”) chose a career in industrial medicine. This took him to the West Indies in 1959. There he redefined and described bagassosis, a condition not dissimilar to farmer's lung found in sugarcane workers. For his thesis he was awarded an MD. Returning to the United Kingdom in 1971 he worked for Gillette until his retirement. A highly competent and articulate doctor, he was well informed in so many aspects of medicine. He was a skilled scuba diver and a fine horseman, riding with the East Dulverton hunt. He was an amusing, amiable, and interesting man, and he was blessed with great strength of mind and composure, which helped him through the loss of his wife, Avril. He later faced many medical problems with great fortitude. He leaves a son and daughter and three grandchildren.


Former chief medical adviser Gillette (b 1924; q St Bartholomew's Hospital 1948; DIH 1967, MD 1968, MFCM 1974, MFOM RCP 1978), died from oesophageal cancer on 7 February 2007.

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