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Skull Base. 2007 March; 17(2): 89–90.
PMCID: PMC1876158

Skull Base in 2007

Daniel Schiff, M.D., Journals' Publisher1

As you have probably noticed, Skull Base is in the midst of significant changes and improvements.

In 2005, this journal's concept was strongly reoriented toward original articles and topical reviews. This was illustrated by the series of seminal reviews on Cerebral Revascularization guest edited by Dr. John E. Wanebo.

In 2006, Skull Base offered Thieme's eFirst 1 service: Online rapid publication of articles, which can, if necessary, be published within a few weeks of acceptance. Now all accepted manuscripts benefit from this service.

This has led to a massive augmentation of the influx of manuscripts. Even with the significantly raised rejection rate, it has been necessary to increase the journal's annual publication schedule.

In 2007, Skull Base has increased its publication frequency from 4 to 6 issues a year.

This journal is also continuing its tradition of episodic topical review issues. The first issue of 2007 was on Skull Base Reconstruction, guest edited by Dr. Dan M. Fliss.

Finally, and most important, starting in 2007 Skull Base will accept submissions only online. This has several advantages in manuscript-tracking and efficiency—well-known to both authors and reviewers—leading to shortened review times and accelerated publication schedules.

Please note that henceforth all papers should be submitted to the following online site:

We have striven over the past few years to make significant progress toward best serving your needs. We look forward to any comments and ideas from you. Do not hesitate to write!

These are exciting times for this expanding journal and, as publishers, we thank you for your continuing support.

Articles from Skull Base are provided here courtesy of Thieme Medical Publishers