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BMJ. 2007 April 28; 334(7599): 900.
PMCID: PMC1857762

A powerful diuretic

Madame, so it is I have this night after midnight taken your medicine, for the which I heartily thank you, for it hath done me much good, and hath caused the stone to break, so that I now void much gravel. But for all that, your said medicine hath done me little honesty, for it made me piss my bed this night, for the which my wife hath sore beaten me, and saying it is in children's parts to bepiss their bed.

A letter from Edmund Howard, father of Katherine Howard, later to be wife of Henry VIII, to Lady Lisle, wife of the governor of Calais. In: Denny J. Katherine Howard. London: Portrait, 2005


Submitted by Philip Radford, retired general practitioner, Taunton

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