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Skull base surgery. 1994 January; 4(1): 46–51.
PMCID: PMC1656463

Pituitary Carcinoma


The presence of distant metastases may be asymptomatic in patients who present with symptoms and signs due to the local mass effects of an invasive pituitary adenoma. A case of pituitary carcinoma in a 54-year-old man who presented with widespread asymptomatic distant metastases 12 years after initial diagnosis is reviewed. The long course and asymptomatic metastases suggested a relatively slow-growing malignancy. The factors that played a role in the pathogenesis of the metastasis are unknown. A review of the literature on pituitary carcinoma suggests that accurate diagnosis and a multidisciplinary approach to management of such lesions emphasizing surgery, radiotherapy, and hormonal manipulation may provide these patients with the longest and best quality of survival.

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