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Published online 2006 October 17. doi: 10.1186/1742-5573-3-12

Table 1

Diversity of chronic Lyme disease studies: populations, treatments, durations and outcomes.

StudyYearSizePatient populationType of studyTreatmentDuration of Rx (days)Outcome
Dattwyler [20]198823Late Lyme disease in the NorthEast (NE) USARandomized trialIV Ceftriaxone vs IV penicillin14 vs 1092% responded to ceftriaxone, 50% improved with penicillin
Logigian [15]199027Neurologic LD patients in NE USACase seriesIV Ceftriaxone1463% improved, 22% improved but then relapsed, and 15% had no change in their condition
Hassler [19]1990135Stage three borreliosis manifestations of at least six months' duration in GermanyRandomized trialIV Cefotaxime vs IV penicillin G1087.9% vs 61.3% respectively Full or incomplete remission of symptoms in.
Wahlberg [17]1994100Consecutive LD patients in FinlandCase seriesIV Ceftriaxone, oral amoxicillin plus probenecid and/or oral cefhadroxil.*14 to11431% of 13 treatments successful with 14 days of IV ceftriaxone alone, 89% of 56 treatments with IV ceftriaxone followed by 100 days of amoxycillin plus probenecid successful, and 83% of 23 treatments with ceftriaxone followed by 100 days of cephadroxil successful.
Donta [18]1997277Chronic LD in NE USACase seriesOral tetracycline30 to 33020% of the patients were cured; 70% of the patients' conditions improved.
Logigian [16]199918Neurologic LD in NE USACase seriesIV ceftriaxone28100% of 18 patients rated themselves as back to normal or improved.
Klempner [14]2001107LD with persistent symptoms in NE USARandomized trialIV ceftriaxone + oral doxycycline9040% vs 36% for treatment vs placebo in improvement in quality of life (SF-36)
Krupp [46]200355LD with disabling fatigue in NE USARandomized trialIV ceftriaxone3069% rx vs 23% for treatment vs placebo in the primary outcome – fatigue. No improvement on cognitive function or the clearance of Borrelia OspA antigen in the spinal fluid
Donta [25]2003235LD with fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, and neurocognitive dysfunction in NE USACase seriesOral macrolide + hydroxychloroquine9080% had self reported improvements of 50% or more
Dattwyler [27]2005201Late LD in NE USARandomized trialIV ceftriaxone14 vs. 2876% vs 70% clinical cure rates for 14 and 28 days respectively
Borg [26]200565Neurologic LD in SwedenRandomized trialIV ceftriaxone vs oral doxycycline10 to 1479% vs 72% completely recovered, the remaining improved.

* Patients treated with different combinations of oral, IM or IV antibiotics and variable durations of treatment.