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Functional distribution of the observed and predicted MR-1 proteomes

Functional category (no.)No. of proteins
%cNo. of proteinsd
Amino acid biosynthesis (1)729179.140
Biosynthesis of cofactors, prosthetic groups, and carriers (2)9512178.501
Cell envelope (3)11518063.935
Cellular processes (4)17526067.307
Central intermediary metabolism (5)285154.930
DNA metabolism (6)8414458.350
Energy metabolism (7)20530866.615
Fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism (8)456569.200
Hypothetical proteins (9)6332,03931.02020
Mobile and extrachromosomal element functions (10)4531714.2140
Protein fate (11)13118570.824
Protein synthesis (12)12814190.801
Purines, pyrimidines, nucleosides, and nucleotides (13)586293.511
Regulatory functions (14)10419952.302
Signal transduction (15)346155.700
Transcription (16)455483.300
Transport and binding proteins (17)12627446.005
Unknown function (18)19037950.132
aTotal number of proteins identified in this study with at least two peptides per protein from replicate analyses.
bTotal number of predicted proteins based on annotation of the MR-1 genome (
cPercentage of the predicted proteome detected in this study.
dNumber of proteins displaying increased (upregulated) or decreased (downregulated) abundance under Cr(VI) treatment based on sequence coverage as well as peptide and spectral counts.