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FIG. 3.

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Regions of interest along the primary structure of Leu3p of S. cerevisiae.aDNA binding region, residues 37 to 67, containing the cysteine motif for Zn(II)2Cys6 cluster formation;bMHR, residues 300 to 380;cthree clusters of residues (604 to 611, 643 to 664, and 738 to 741) potentially involved in activation domain masking;dregion dispensable for all known functions, residues 774 to 854;etranscriptional activation domain, residues 857 to 875; N, N terminus; C, C terminus. Note that the 11 C-terminal residues (residues 876 to 886), while not needed for the activation function, are essential for the masking process. See the text for further details.

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