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FIG. 6.

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Characterization of Aβ-accumulating CAD cells. (A to K) Gallery of images showing cells that contain deposits labeled with antibody 6E10. Brightness of images was increased to allow visualization of cell bodies. Note that deposits are present both in short (A and B) and long (G, J, and K) neurites and affect all neurites of a cell (G to J). Arrows in panel B point to immunostained material present in the perinuclear region. Arrows in panels C to F point to immunostained material present at the distal ends of emerging neurites. The cells indicated with arrows in panels J and K extend long processes, which contain large, 6E10-labeled varicosities. (D and I) Phase-contrast micrographs. (G) Combined phase-contrast-fluorescence micrograph. Bars = 20 μm (A to G) and 50 μm (H to K).

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