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FIG. 4.

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Differentiated CAD cells develop bona fide Aβ accumulations. (A to D) Antibody 6E10 and the antibody to rodent Aβ (rodAβ) costain deposits at neurite terminals in clusters of CAD cells. (E to L, O, and P) Neuritic deposits in CAD cells are labeled by antibodies to the carboxy- terminal end of Aβ (detecting Aβ40 and Aβ42 polypeptides) (E to L) and by an antioligomer antibody (A11) (O and P). Arrows point to labeled processes. Note that increased levels of Aβ42 polypeptides are often detected in clusters of cells (panels G and H, the three cells at right). (M, N, and Q to S) Antibody 6E10 and anti-Aβ42 (M and N) or antioligomer antibody (Q to S) costain deposits at neurite terminals. Note the significant colocalization in each case. (D, F, H, J, L, and P) Phase-contrast micrographs. Bars = 20 μm (A to D and G to S) and 40 μm (E and F).

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