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J R Soc Med. 2006 July; 99(7): 334.
PMCID: PMC1484562

Miss, Mister, Doctor: Do surgeons wish to become doctors?

Soon after my appointment to a consultant post in Liverpool I made a domicilliary visit to a lady who addressed me as Mister. I took it upon myself to give her a short homily as to why I should be addressed as Doctor, pointing out that only surgeons, who were really trumped up barbers, assumed the title Mister on gaining their surgical qualification. Furthermore, I added that the medical or physicians' qualification went back over 2000 years and that the Hypocratic oath forbade us from cutting ‘even for the stone’.

I was rather proud of myself for such a clear didactic account of how we physicinas should be addressed until her daughter came into the room.

‘Let me introduce you to Dr Davies,’ said my patient, ‘he's not a Mr yet.’

Since then I have been content with any title my patients may wish to confer on me.


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