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doi: 10.1128/EC.2.1.134-142.2003


Average telomere length in strains carrying extra copies of STN1, TEN1, and EST2

Relevant genotypeaAvg lengthbDifference (bp) from:
Wild typeupf2 mutant
WT703 ± 21 (14)057
upf2646 ± 9 (6)−570
STN1660 ± 19 (6)c−4314
TEN1723 ± 23 (6)d2077
STN1 TEN1649 ± 26 (12)c−543
STN1 EST2651 ± 20 (6)c−525
STN1 EST2 TEN1636 ± 28 (6)c−67−10
aGenotypes as described in the legend to Fig. Fig.2.2. Genes shown in capital letters were provided on 2μm plasmids.
bAverage length in base pairs of PstI fragment ± standard deviation. The numbers in parentheses indicate the numbers of independent experiments done.
cNot significantly different from the upf2 mutant according to the rank sum test (47).
dNot significantly different from wild type according to the rank sum test (47).