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doi: 10.1128/MMBR.70.1.157-176.2006


Characteristics of FS enzymes of LAB and their fructan products

Fructan and strainFructan linkage type distributioncMethod usedaFructan size (Da)OligonucleotidebGeneProtein size (residues)Reference(s)
    L. reuteri 12198213C/Met97% 2 × 104; 3% 3 × 106Nonelev804210, 211
    L. sanfranciscensisLevanEnzymic digest (unpublished)K, NftfA87992, 93, 199
    L. mesenteroides B-512 FMCLevan13C/TLCK, N, Pmlft42481
    S. sobrinus OMZ176LevanTLC30
    S. salivarius ATCC 13419Levan20 × 106136
    S. salivarius ATCC 259757030TLC/Met(20-100) × 106Noneftf96945, 185, 186
    S. salivarius HHT9010Met45
    S. salivarius 518614MetNone70
    S. salivarius SS27030Met178
    L. reuteri 12193713C/Met>107K, Ninu798213
    L. citreum CW28Mainly13CislA1,490137, 138
    S. criceti AHTInulinMet45
    S. ratti BHT9010Met45
    S. mutans GS-5InulinConcavalin A(60-90) × 106Noneftf79574, 166, 174
    S. mutans IngbrittInulinMouse-AB2
    S. mutans JC1955Met45
    S. mutans JC2946>2 × 10619, 158
    L. frumenti (5 strains)Fructan>106198
    L. pontis 1.1115 and 1.675Fructan>106198
    L. panis 1.649Fructan>106198
    W. confusa 1.934Fructan>106198
aMethod used in linkage analysis: Met, methylation analysis; TLC, thin-layer chromatography with inulin and levan standards; concavalin A, lectin-type fructan binding protein specific for inulin; mouse-AB, mouse antibodies against inulin structures; 13C, 13C-NMR.
bK, 1-kestose; N, 1,1-nystose; P, 1,1,1-kestopentaose.
cBoldface type indicates main linkage.