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Published online 2002 May 2. doi: 10.1186/ar420

Table 2

Disease-modifying antirheumatic drug usage in CD19high and CD19low patients in the prospective study cohort.

CD19high patients (n = 33)CD19low patients (n = 37)
Disease duration (years)6.546.68
MTX at time of analysis [n (%)]26 (78.8)30 (81.1)
MTX dose (mg) [mean (range)]15.4 (15–20)16.1 (15–20)
MTX in combination with cyclosporine A23
Duration of MTX therapy (months)40.143.3
MTX-treated patients positive for SE [n (%)]22 (66.7)19 (51.3)
Tauredon therapy12
Cyclosporine A11
Prednisolone at time of analysis (mg)4.84.8
Dose range (mg)3–103–7

MTX, methotrexate; SE, DRB1 shared epitope. Comparison of patients below and above the mean of the study population (110 cells/ml, CD19high and CD19low patients, respectively)of the prospective study cohort. The number of patients receiving the indicated disease-modifying antirheumatic drugand the dose ranges are presented. None of the comparisons show statistically significant differences.