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Figure 10.

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Subcellular localization of GLO-1. Wild-type (A and B) and glo-1(zu437) (C and D) E8 stage embryos stained with anti-GLO-1 antibodies. (E–H) glo-1(zu437) strains carrying an extrachromosomal transgene containing the glo-1 promoter driving the expression of GLO-1::GFP in intestinal precursor cells at the E4 (E and F) and E8 (G and H) stages. glo-1(zu437); GLO-1::GFP embryos at the E8 stage (I–L) and 1.5-fold stage (M-P) after staining with anti-GFP and anti-VHA-17/FUS-1 antibodies. GLO-1::GFP and FUS-1 colocalized to the same intestinal organelles (white arrows). (A–L) Black asterisks marks intestinal nuclei. (M–P) Black arrowheads mark the anterior of the intestine. (R–T) High magnification of the intestine of a 1.5-fold, glo-1(zu437); GLO-1::GFP embryo (boxed region in Q). Most gut granules, pseudocolored red in S and T, are present within vesicles containing GLO-1::GFP (R and T) (white arrows). Some gut granules are not present within GLO-1::GFP containing organelles (white arrowhead).

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