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J R Soc Med. 2004 September; 97(9): 453–454.
PMCID: PMC1079601

Investigative Rhinology

Reviewed by Carl Philpott

Glenys K Scadding, Valerie J Lund
153 pp Price £75 ISBN 1-84184-197-8 (h/b)
London: Taylor & Francis.

In their small but comprehensive publication Dr Scadding and Professor Lund offer a host of useful insights for the budding rhinologist with an eye on research, as well as the fruits of their extensive experience in the clinical setting. Their book is mainly about rhinitis, and they begin by emphasizing the heavy toll of this disorder in the general population. From there we proceed to aetiology and pathology. They remind us, when evaluating patients with this disorder, to think of predisposing factors such as beta-blockers. The next two chapters tackle history and examination—as in most other patients, the most important part of assessment—and we are then treated to a detailed synopsis of the current investigations and research tools available to the rhinologist, including sometimes forgotten components such as olfaction and cerebrospinal fluid testing. In these final chapters, abundant flow charts, graphs and clinical pictures provide a backdrop to the text. Some of these might be regarded as superfluous, but certainly not those in the chapter on imaging, where radiological and endoscopic findings are compared. This volume will be enjoyed by any clinician with an interest in rhinitis and, with its detailed attention to research-based investigation, will be a boon to rhinological researchers. Non-specialists who encounter the disorder will also glean useful information, especially from the early chapters. Admittedly there is scant attention to disorders other than rhinitis, but the focus is made clear in the opening chapter. A particularly valuable component for researchers is the contact information and addresses for research equipment. If only I had had these to hand in the past! The only real drawback of the book is the price.

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